In 1997, the University of British Columbia created its Official Community Plan to comprehensively guide development on campus. The OCP was created in line with the Greater Vancouver region’s Livable Region Strategic Plan. The LRSP provided direction on land use and sustainability objectives for the Metro Vancouver region. As the second largest destination in the region, and as a leader in sustainability action and education, UBC is committed to reduce transportation demand and provide compelling alternatives to driving alone. The OCP established bold and broad transportation goals, such as reducing vehicle trips to and from campus by 20% from 1997 levels.

In order to help the University meet this challenge, Transportation Planning was created. From 1997 to 1999, key stakeholders on and off campus contributed to the creation of the Strategic Transportation Plan. Adopted in 1999, and renewed in 2005, the STP provides detailed targets and policy directions for Transportation Planning.

In order to fulfill the targets set by the STP, Transportation Planning has aggressively pursued a variety of transportation demand management (TDM) measures. We were instrumental in initiating a class time shift to disperse transportation demand, implementing the Employer Pass Program, beginning investment in cycling infrastructure, and other initiatives. We have met or exceeded many of the targets set out by the 2005 STP. Success has come from strategic partnerships, the creation and maintenance of the U-Pass program, and the dedication of students, faculty, and staff using more sustainable transportation modes.

Currently, the LRSP is being replaced with a new Regional Growth Strategy. In addition, TransLink is developing a 30 year transportation plan. Finally, UBC is renewing its campus plan. All three plans should be completed soon. The Strategic Transportation Plan will be updated in 2010, and will include a review of progress from 2005-2010 in addition to revised targets for the next 5 year planning horizon from 2010-2015. This will herald exciting new directions for transportation to, from and on the UBC campus as we adopt and achieve bold new targets.

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