Termination of the Employer Pass Program

To UBC’s EPP members, please find below important questions and answers provided by TransLink in light of the recent announcements on the cancellation of the EPP.  More information will be posted on this website as it becomes available

TransLink is discontinuing the Employer Pass Program (“EPP”) effective December 31, 2013. This decision comes as part of a review of all discounts and programs offered by TransLink. We understand that this decision will have an impact on your organization. While an official notification of this decision will be delivered to you and your organization in August, we wanted to give you answers to some questions that you may have.

Why is TransLink discontinuing EPP? Does TransLink not want people to ride transit?

The decision was made after a review of all discounts and programs to determine which ones still made sense. Some programs were introduced at a time when TransLink needed to encourage transit use. Since 1999, transit service has increased significantly – ridership increased 84 per cent over the last decade and service hours increased by 50 per cent. We now serve over one million rides a day. With increased service levels, use of public transit is more viable than it was when TransLink was formed, and in the current financial environment, the discounts provided to select individuals and companies were not considered fair to the other riders on the system.

What does this mean for employees enrolled in EPP or with enrollments in process?

For employees already enrolled in EPP, the enrollment contract terms and conditions will for the most part continue, and their EPP Passes will remain valid until December 31, 2013. Employees should continue to work with EPP Coordinators on matters related to their EPP Pass. TransLink will continue to accept zone change, return from suspension, and lost or stolen pass replacement requests from EPP Coordinators.

Can employees join EPP prior to December 31, 2013?

For employees with enrollments in process, TransLink will honour those that have been received by the EPP Desk prior to August 7, 2013. However, we are asking EPP Coordinators to not accept or process new Employee Enrollment Contracts after that date.

What fare options will be available for employees after December 31, 2013?

Information on the various fares offered by TransLink is available on our website at: www.translink.ca/en/Fares-and-Passes.aspx

Employers who wish to continue supporting their employees’ use of transit can contact our Transportation Demand Management Team, to help employees explore their travel options, by visiting the TravelSmart website at:www.travelsmart.ca/

How will this decision be communicated to the companies and employees enrolled in EPP?

Prior to issuing this bulletin, TransLink staff contacted many senior officers of companies currently participating in EPP to advise them of this decision. Under the Employer Agreement Terms and Conditions, the Employer is required to give notice of termination to these employees enrolled in EPP upon receiving this notice themselves. TransLink will deliver official notification in early August to both the organization and yourself.

TransLink will also inform the general public of various changes to its tariff, including this decision, through various media outlets at the time of issuing this bulletin; we encourage you to provide employees with the information contained in this bulletin. Please feel free to copy the information above in an email to these employees. We understand that employees, and you, may have many further questions about this decision. We will be updating our EPP website at www.translink.ca/en/Fares-and-Passes/Employer-Pass.aspx with any new information.


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